Fee Schedule


Initial Fee  (Bond Issues)

50/100ths of 1% (50 basis points) of first $5,000,000: $25,000

30/100ths of 1% (30 basis points) of next $5,000,000: $15,000

5/100ths of 1% (5 basis points) of next $90,000,000: $45,000

3/100ths of 1% (3 basis points) of all amounts over $100,000,000

Minimum Initial Fee = $20,000

The initial fee is used to pay the costs of COHFA’s financial advisor and general counsel.


Initial Fee (Bank Private Placements)

For bank private placements of $10,000,000 or less, a fee of $10,000

shall be charged.  Placements over $10,000,000 will be calculated from

COHFA's regular fee schedule.


Initial Fee (Leases)

$5,000 (if COHFA is borrower’s bond issuer)
$10,000 (otherwise)


Anuual Fee

6/100ths of 1% (6 basis points) for the first $100,000,000 of principal outstanding (on an aggregate basis), and 1/100ths of 1% (1 basis point) for all principal outstanding in excess of $100,000,000, payable quarterly in arrears.