COHFA may finance or refinance a wide variety of healthcare and elderly housing facilities, as further described in its statute. COHFA can provide financing for both governmental and nonprofit 501(c)3 healthcare related entities but may not finance for-profit entities.


The types of facilities COHFA can finance or refinance include, but are not limited, to the following:


Nursing homes
Assisted living facilities
Independent living facilities
Medical teaching and research facilities
Health clinics
Mental health clinics
Group homes for the mentally ill, developmentally disabled, or substance abusers
Rehabilitation centers
Bone, tissue and blood banks
Outpatient facilities

Dental or vision facilities
Training facilities for the developmentally disabled
Medical residences
Administration buildings
Nursing schools
Parking facilities


Additionally, COHFA can finance or refinance any other structure or facility useful for the operation of a health facility, including equipment.


COHFA may also finance facilities located outside of the State of Colorado if the health institution or an affiliate of such institution also operates or manages a healthcare facility within the State.